4-star hotel in Brittany: le Domaine du Bois de Guy

If there was one address to forget that the rest of the world exists, it would probably be the 4-star hotel in Brittany, the Château du Bois Guy. Located a few kilometers from Fougères, near the Mont St Michel, this establishment is a haven of peace.


4-star hotel in Brittany: the feeling of being at home

The owners of this magnificent castle converted into a luxury hotel have always had the same approach: that of making this 4-star hotel in Brittany a place that is both chic and family-friendly. You don't come to the hotel, you come to a home where you feel at ease, where the intimacy of the place is preserved, where you can indulge in a wide range of leisure activities and come to enjoy a magnificent country and forest setting. This is the Château du Bois Guy, a 4-star hotel in Brittany where life is good. The exposed stones of the walls and the monumental fireplaces have something to tell you about the history of the place and the region. But that is not enough to feel good there. The decoration plays a big role. At the same time contemporary in its choice of furnishings, it never overlooks its history, that of a centuries-old castle.


4-star hotel in Brittany, a galaxy of services

The comfort of a 4-star hotel, with rooms of various sizes and perfectly appointed are a big part of the pleasure one feels in settling in this 4-star luxury hotel in Brittany. But it would be to miss out on a very appreciable list of strong points to believe that the pleasure offered by the Château du Bois de Guy is limited only to the rooms. The golf course in the castle grounds, the fitness room, the yoga room, the restaurant, which is run by Alain Ducasse's Culinary College of France, the massage room, the bike hire, the organization of weddings or professional meetings on site, all of this also contributes to giving you a unique feeling during your stay. You feel at home here, you feel in a place full of personality and charm. Your 4-star hotel in Brittany becomes a second home where you will find even more comfort than at home.

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