The Château du Bois-Guy eco-domain: A green paradise in Brittany

Château du Bois-Guy, a veritable eco-domain nestled in the heart of Brittany, embodies the perfect fusion of luxury, nature and environmental commitment. This exceptional place offers visitors a unique experience, combining relaxation, sporting activities and a profound respect for the environment.

An eco-responsible golf course in Ille-et-Vilaine

The Château du Bois-Guy golf course is more than just a course. nine-hole golf course in Ille-et-Vilaine designed with total respect for nature. Thanks to rigorous ecological management, in line with the Ecocert charter, the estate ensures perfect harmony with its ecosystem. 100% plant amendments, biostimulants without any synthetic products, and particular attention to water conservation characterize this hotel golf Bretagne. What's more, photovoltaic energy production, with 600m² of solar panels, underlines the estate's commitment to a minimal ecological footprint.

Soccer center Bretagne: A course committed to the environment

The soccer center Bretagne at Château du Bois-Guy revolutionizes the traditional approach to sports fields. With a rainwater harvesting system for watering and an organically cultivated lawn, the center offers an exceptional quality of play while preserving natural resources. This lawn, with roots up to 40 cm deep, ensures exemplary resilience and durability, reflecting the estate's commitment to respecting the environment.

Green seminars in Brittany: combining work and nature

Château du Bois-Guy also offers green seminars in Brittanyoffering companies the opportunity to meet in a setting conducive to reflection and inspiration. Far from the noise and stress of the city, these seminars combine professional efficiency and relaxation, in an environment that respects nature and is committed to an eco-responsible approach.

Ecolodges: living in harmony with nature

For an immersive experience in the tranquility and beauty of Breton nature, Château du Bois-Guy offers visitors 100% wooden ecolodges. Located in the heart of the estate, these accommodations offer modern comforts while blending perfectly into the natural environment. It's the ideal place to disconnect, recharge your batteries and enjoy an authentically ecological experience.

A commitment to biodiversity

In addition to its sports facilities and accommodation, Château du Bois-Guy is actively committed to protecting biodiversity. Preserved wetlands, permaculture, beehives, organic market gardening, orchards and eco-pastures enrich the estate, providing a sanctuary for local flora and fauna. This holistic approach to ecology demonstrates that luxury and environmental responsibility can coexist harmoniously.

Château du Bois-Guy stands out as a true eco-domain, where every detail reflects a deep commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment. By choosing this estate, visitors participate in an eco-responsible adventure, enjoying an exceptional setting while contributing to the preservation of our planet.

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