Your soccer training course in Ille-et-Vilaine, it's at the Château du Bois Guy

The Château du Bois Guy is a 4 star hotel located in a historical building. It is also today a place for soccer training in Ille-et-Vilaine thanks to some of the most complete facilities in France.

A FIFA approved soccer field in Parigné

A FIFA approved soccer field in Parigné 60 km from Rennes and 15 minutes from Fougères, it is possible. This is exactly what the Château de Bois Guy offers. This 4 star hotel was equipped in 2020 with a FIFA standard equipment in order to welcome national teams (L1 and L2), but also European and international clubs. This soccer camp in Ille-et-Vilaine offers the teams a real Clairfontaine at the gates of Brittany. First of all, there is this FIFA approved soccer field. The domain also offers 4 other fields, including 2 official size fields, a beach soccer field and a Foot five field. A fitness center offers massages, physiotherapy, sauna, jacuzzi and cold baths. For optimal performance, a medical center equipped with the latest technology and with a team at your disposal ensures that your players will give their best.

A soccer camp in Parigné in an idyllic setting

The history of Brittany, the elegance of a 4 star hotel, the pleasure of a gastronomic cuisine adapted to your needs, team-building activities, all in an exceptional setting, this is also what an establishment like the Château du Bois Guy is all about. The hotel dimension of the premises complements the facilities dedicated to sports. But for a training session for your team, or a preparation session, all this forms an ideal setting to offer a soccer training session in Brittany entirely dedicated to victory. Sport, recovery and care are at the center of your concerns. And the team of the establishment will be happy to transform every minute at the hotel into a moment perfectly adapted to your needs. Golf, on a 9-hole course, will be the ideal complement to all that this hotel has to offer for a soccer course in Ille-et-Vilaine.

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