An exceptional hotel restaurant in the heart of Brittany

Yesterday, the hotel restaurant was the small inn that offered both accommodation and food. Today, the hotel restaurant plays in the court of the greats and offers both high-end rooms and a gourmet restaurant. The Domaine du Bois Guy hotel and restaurant in Brittany is exactly in line with this approach. It is a magnificent castle, like Brittany has so many, dating from the 16th century. He hid in the heart of a 60-hectare park, part of which is devoted to golf. You can look for a hotel restaurant to enjoy an exceptional meal, because you want to invite family and friends to a big reception. In all situations, the table of this hotel with restaurant in Brittany meets all your expectations. The cuisine of the gourmet restaurant is up to your expectations thanks to the many challenges it faces. The products are fresh, of course, but above all local since some of them grow on the spot. Cheeses are made at the castle or in a nearby village. The French culinary tradition is therefore highlighted on the plate, a tradition enhanced by a touch of inventiveness that we owe to the Danish team at the stove. Finding a hotel with a gourmet restaurant in Brittany is a meeting at Domaines du Bois Guy in the heart of Ille et Vilaine.


A hotel restaurant in Brittany with one in addition to luxury services


Even a beautiful hotel restaurant cannot be satisfied with being a top-of-the-range restaurant. This is why the castle multiplies the facilities to offer, during a weekend or a short stay, a quite exceptional environment and quick to make you disconnect from everyday life. This is how you will find a wellness area with spa and gym on site. The spa, which has become a classic of the great establishments, takes its rightful place here with yoga classes, a sauna, a hammam, an outdoor Nordic bath and massages on request. The fitness room is equipped with the latest machines to ensure that you have a session in the best conditions. The seminar room can accommodate companies looking for a meeting room and a setting that is conducive to both work and the development of employees. The golf course, available to guests, is a very good example of the top-of-the-range services that the establishment provides.


A hotel restaurant located in a castle in the heart of a green estate

If the Domaine du Bois Guy is the ideal hotel restaurant in Brittany to enjoy a meal and have access to a wide range of facilities, it is also above all a great hotel. 4 stars, labelled Relais et Silence, it obviously offers impeccable hotel services, from the most classic to the best equipped room. But beyond the quality of service that we are entitled to expect from an establishment of this level, it is above all the atmosphere of the hotel that you will love. A 16th century building, a castle steeped in history, it is nowadays a place converted to contemporary decoration, playing on the mixture of traces of the past and today's tastes. The result is surprising, pleasing and gives a particular personality to this hotel restaurant in Brittany.

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