Here, your domain for a romantic wedding near Mont-Saint-Michel

Finding the ideal domain for a romantic wedding near the Mont-Saint-Michel is not so easy. Unless you know the Château du Bois Guy in Parigné in Ille et Vilaine. Let us make you discover it.

A castle for a romantic wedding in Brittany

The D-Day, the big D-Day, the one you've been waiting for all your life is going to take place there, at the Château de Bois Guy. This magnificent 16th century building, now transformed into a 4-star hotel, is above all a romantic wedding estate near Mont-Saint-Michel that offers undeniable know-how on the subject.

What is needed to make a success of this famous big day? First of all, a castle, because you don't receive your friends, family and future wife in just any wedding hall near Mont-Saint-Michel. The castle, that's done.

You need one or more reception rooms, as well as terraces, to welcome all your guests. The different rooms reserved for events in the castle, as well as the Orangery and the terraces are the perfect meeting place for all your exceptional moments. And you can invite up to 300 people, so don't be fooled by the size of your party. Don't ask, everything you need is provided. So, the reception hall at Château de Bois Guy is a done deal.

More than a wedding hall near Mont-Saint-Michel, a large-scale reception

At the Château de Bois Guy, you don't just come to look for a room but a complete accompaniment to organize all the steps of the ceremony. Cocktails, dinner, brunch, wine of honor, choose how to treat your guests according to the formula of your choice. And don't forget that this domain for romantic wedding near the Mont-Saint-Michel is a 4 star hotel. It is therefore in a setting that skilfully mixes the stones of yesterday with modern facilities that you will be able to keep your guests close to you, with the possibility of privatizing the whole place.

This castle for romantic wedding in Brittany is labeled Relais du Silence Hotels. This is proof of the elegance of the place, of the savoir-vivre that reigns there, but also of a constant search for excellence.

Top of the range rooms, eco-lodges, but also appreciable facilities such as thewellness area, golf, fitness room, bike rental, all this contributes to create a tailor-made ceremony that you will remember all your life.

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