Sports center with accommodation: push the door of the Château du Bois Guy

A few kilometers from Fougères, in Ille-et-Vilaine, discover the Château du Bois Guy. Some will see it as a magnificent 4-star hotel, others will see it as a sports center with accommodation of international scope.

Your Football Center with accommodation at the gates of Brittany

In the commune of Parigné, out of sight, in the magnificent historical setting of the Château du Bois Guy, lies the largest sports center with accommodation in the region. Footballers from national and European leagues or from the most important international clubs find there an exceptional setting for a greening up, a team building course, a training session before a big competition. The hotel aspect of this Football Center with accommodation will seduce you for sure. The 4 stars are deserved with this 9-hole golf course, the meeting and work rooms, the beautifully decorated and equipped rooms, with a gastronomic kitchen at your service. The ancient stones, the contemporary equipment, the ecolodges on the hotel grounds, everything that makes the Château du Bois Guy comfortable is up to the standards of the most prestigious guests of the soccer world.

A 4 star hotel with a sports center in Brittany

If the hotel is a 4 star hotel, the sports center with accommodation that accompanies it would deserve 5 stars if such a rating existed. It's simple, it has everything the biggest teams could need. The training field is FIFA standard, two others are the same size. Other fields are available on site, not to mention all the professional training equipment, including video analysis. In terms of athletic recovery, this Football Center with accommodation has thought big. Cold baths or Jacuzzi, sauna and massages are a must and can be complemented with the facilities in the castle itself such as swimming pool, steam room or yoga. Finally, to complete the physical recovery, there is also a medical center, unique in France, with a referent doctor, health care personnel such as an osteopath, a pedicurist, aopathe, a pedicurist, a masseur, but also equipment such as an anti-gravity mat or equipment to perform electrocardiograms.

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