Hotel wellness in Bretagne, luxury and pleasure in Parigné

The Domaine du Bois-Guy is a hotel wellness in Bretagne France. Located in a magnificent 16th century castle, it offers a simply unique setting for a romantic, sporting or simply relaxing stay.

Domaine du Bois-Guy, a hotel in Brittany with swimming pool

When you arrive in the grounds of the Domaine du Bois-Guy, you don't think you've arrived at your hotel, you immediately feel like the distinguished guests of an exceptional host. The huge estate, the golf course, the impressive facade of the castle, all this already contributes to make this hotel in Bretagne France a unique place. Once inside, you will have no doubt. Beautifully restored, the establishment skilfully juggles the modernity of a 4-star spa hotel in Brittany, with its comfort and modernity, with the historical landmarks of the place. The rooms of this hotel wellness in Bretagne are spacious, perfectly equipped and pay tribute to the charm of the castle (exposed beams, fireplace etc.) while offering a magnificent view of the park. This is also where you can sleep, in the eco-lodges. These are lodges installed in the middle of nature which will allow you to take advantage of the setting, to bring out the ecological fibre in you while sleeping in a perfectly peaceful setting in Brittany.

Hotel spa in the 35, the Domaine du Bois-Guy will seduce you

The Domaine du Bois-Guy is an establishment which multiplies the top-of-the-range services like a center of training of football or a 9 holes golf, the first sustainable golf of France. But it is as a hotel with spa in Bretagne that you will remember this establishment. You will find a fitness room but also a yoga class room all in wood away from the castle, a unique place to recharge your batteries. This hotel wellness in Bretagne, it is also a massage room, perhaps one of the most beautiful of the region in a room where the energy of the stones meets that of the hands of your professional masseuse. Staying at the Domaine du Bois-Guy means enjoying an exceptional spa, a magnificent golf course, but also a historical, cultural and culinary setting that is simply unique in the region. In this hotel, you will be only 30 minutes away from the Mont St Michel, but will you only have time to leave this hotel in Brittany France if you only stay there for a weekend considering all that it has to offer?

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