Stays and accommodation for sports clubs: Château du Bois-Guy, your ideal partner

Nestled in the heart of the Breton countryside, close to Rennes, Château du Bois-Guy stands out as a privileged destination for sports clubs seeking an environment conducive to performance and relaxation.

A complete sports complex for optimal training

The estate boasts a brand-new sports complex featuringan approved soccer pitch, a weight room, a heated swimming pool, a golf course and a relaxation and recuperation area. All facilities are designed to meet the requirements of athletes of all levels, guaranteeing optimal training conditions.

A wide choice of accommodation for all groups

Château du Bois-Guy offers a wide range of accommodation to suit all needs. Spacious, comfortable rooms and eco-lodges for larger groups make up the accommodation offer. The 4-star hotel completes the package with top-of-the-range services for the most refined experience.

Personalized services for a tailor-made experience

The Château du Bois-Guy team is dedicated to supporting sports clubs, offering a range of personalized services to simplify the organization of stays. Accommodation, use of facilities, booking of activities and preparation of meals tailored to the needs of sports enthusiasts are just some of the services on offer.

An idyllic setting for team-building

Château du Bois-Guy is more than just a training facility. Its green, peaceful setting is ideal for relaxation and team-building. Team-building activities such as golf initiation, cooking classes, bubble soccer, footgolf and pétanque are offered to strengthen the bonds between club members.

A privileged partner for unforgettable soccer training courses

The Football Center at Château du Bois-Guy has established itself as a benchmark for soccer clubs wishing to organize high-level training courses in Brittany. Located close to Rennes, the center boasts all the facilities needed for optimal training, combined with top-quality accommodation and tasty catering.

Le Château du Bois-Guy: much more than just a place to stay, it's a veritable oasis dedicated to the well-being and success of sports clubs.

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